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There is no clear industry term or E-Mail’s sent out for marketing but essentially they all generate the same result.  Reaching out to your customers through E-Mail and keeping them updated on your business.

Often first time users will not necessarily purchase or contact you on a first visit to your website.  However with a successful call to action they could be likely to register if you provide a value added service or resource.  By developing trust and making your brand an influencer registered users can become clients.

Cameron started developing E-Newsletters for Rogers Television in 2001. He has since designed E-Newsletters for several well known business in Canada and North America.

Over the years Cameron has designed E-Newsletters for : Accessorize, ABSOLUT Vodka, Grand & Toy, BMO Financial Group, FujiFilm Canada, Roger’s Cable, Cable in the Classroom, CPAC Canada’s Political Channel, Oreo Cookies, Sanford Pens, The Canadian Women’s Foundation, Kellogg’s Canada, The California Cling Peach Board, Second Cup, Scent It, Bols, Samsung and more.

E-Newsletters are a very effective and visually pleasing way to communicate with your clients, employees and anyone you want deliver an instant bold statement to.Cameron Finlayson Design will help you with the design, layout and distribution to make the process is as easy as possible.Cameron Finlayson Design also can help you with the design and implementation of customizable E-Newsletter templates that you can edit and send from a CAN-SPAM compliant e-mail system ensuring your company is following all the proper procedures.If you are interested in sending E-Newsletters for your business please feel free to contact Cameron.  My preferred system for E-Blasts / E-newsletters is Aweber.com once clients are setup with their account I can help them with design, distribution and help them track their analytics.

With proper analytics tracking you can learn the following about each e-mail you send out:

  • How many users opened/read the email
  • Where were the users from that opened your email (by IP or geographical location)
  • What links are clicked on
  • How many emails bounced back or were rejected by the server
  • How much time they spent reading your email and more!
  • Users can also choose to easily unsubscribe automatically saving you time

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