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Cameron Finlayson can help you and or your organization develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your website. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and traffic to a website from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN Search. By generating natural or non sponsored search results and higher page rankings.

In order to help develop the best search results Cameron Finlayson works with his clients to develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy. This strategy would include finding the clients desired search phrases and setting up realistic goals in order to help obtain the best results catered to the clients needs.

Over time your ranking could decrease due to increasing competition, by staying on top of the SEO market Cameron Finlayson can help you move back up to your desired page ranking. Two major steps in the SEO process are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Cameron Finlayson Design - Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Once you have developed a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy its important to ensure that your website keeps its ranking with popular search engines such as Google. In addition to helping generate successful Search Engine Optimization strategies with clients Cameron Finlayson also works with existing clients to help maintain successful pages rankings.

If you have an existing website that is not generating the results you currently desire please contact Cameron Finlayson to help you develop a viable Search Engine Optimization strategy.

On Page SEO

The covenant spot a #1 natural/organic search is one of the most effective ways to drive users and potential business to your website.

For example If you sell blue widgets in Toronto and someone is unable to find your results when they type in “blue widgets Toronto” into the search box on then your site may not be reaching your target audience.

When Cameron Finlayson initially meets with clients one of the most common questions he is asked is “How do I get my site listed at the top of google?”.

This common question often has a rather dynamic answer. Its more of a process than a simple answer and once the site is designed by Cameron Finlayson there is unfortunately no guarantee that you will reach the desired #1 ranking for “blue widgets Toronto” .

This is done by developing a Search Engine Optimization strategy specific to your desired search phrase(s).


Top SEO Rankings


(Body Harmonics Pilates)

Public Relations Agency

(Paradigm Public Relations)

Brand Marketing PR

(Paradigm Public Relations)

Rehab Shower Chairs

(Raz Design Inc)

Toronto Eye Clinic

(Toronto Eye Clinic)

Wheelchairs Toronto

(Motion Specialties)



IP Law Firm Toronto

(SHIFT law)

The SEO Process

Although there are no guarantees for #1 rankings developing a strategy will help increase your odds of reaching this desired spots. Cameron Finlayson has a proven track record of helping clients reach #1 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and a variety of other common search engines.

In some cases if your search term is unique and you do not have much competition within your industry it can be a relatively quick process taking anywhere between 2-3 months.

Selecting Keywords

How to choose the proper keyword?

When selecting keywords decide the first thing Cameron Finlayson recommends to their client is to take a blank piece of paper and a pen. On the blank sheet start writing down anything and everything that comes to mind when describing your business in under three or four words.

Once you have this list written up take a second look at this list and ask yourself if you use these terms when you are verbally describing your business to someone. If the answer is no then cross those items off your list.

What do I do with the keywords I have selected?

Now that you have selected your keywords for your website you need to put them into sentences within your content in a logical order.

For example if the website advertises website design you may want to include the following phrases:

website design, content management websites, designing website, creating website, small business website, etc.

When writing your keywords you need to think how people think to search for your product/service in a day to day basis.

How do I choose keywords specific to my business?

When choosing your keywords keep in mind that the internet is filled with millions of pages. Within those millions of pages there could be hundreds or thousands of people offering similar services. In order to drive traffic to your website you need to think about who your audience is.

For example if you design websites in Toronto and you want to generate local traffic you may want to mention the following words:

website design toronto, website design gta, website toronto ontario, web site midtown toronto, etc.

Will this be enough to generate traffic to my business?

Cameron Finlayson has generated #1 rankings for a variety of clients over the years he helps them with their keywords and search engine optimization process every step of the way.

Cameron Finlayson does not work directly with the search engine companies so he never guaranties any results. However, his proven track record for generating #1 rankings for clients has helped his clients reach their desired rankings. This can happen as quickly as one to two months or sooner for some clients.

Choosing the keywords is Step #1 in the SEO process. Step #2 (Integrate your keywords into website by using an On Page SEO strategy and Step #3 (Develop a Search Engine Optimization Strategy) are also the key to success with SEO.

Off Page SEO

Search Engines use a variety of ways to find your website. The most common way a website will find you is by using a search-bot. The term search-bot comes from a search robot which is a script that is developed by Search Engines to find your page online.

Consider your website as a leaf on a tree. If the leaf falls off the tree and lands on the ground the leaf eventually blows away into the wind.

If that leaf (your website) is connected to a branch of the tree, and that tree branch is still connected to the trunk of the tree then you are connecting with all the other leaves within that tree.

If that tree is isolated all on its own the communication between the other leafs stops at the trunk of the tree. If that tree is in a densely populated forest and your tree has branches resting on other trees then you will find your website (the leaf) is well networked within the forest.

This analogy demonstrates the importance of page linking.

Page linking can be a time intensive and overall a difficult task. Cameron Finlayson has access to a wide variety linking and allows you to focus on running your business while his team works on developing a linking strategy for you.

Link popularity development

1 Way Links : Website A links to Website B but there is no link from Website B to Website A

3 Way Links : Website A links to Website B and Website B is asked to link back to Website C.  This results in the main website being promoted!

By using a 3 Way linking your site is being promoted more frequently, reached more often and this will help your website reach the desired #1 ranking.

This strategy requires a several month commitment.  On average it takes between 2-3 months for Google and 3-5 months for Yahoo.

Every month on the 1st and 15th of each month Cameron Finlayson will email you a baseline ranking report allowing you to see the direct results your Off Page Optimization.

If you would like to talk to Cameron Finlayson about developing a full Search Engine Optimization strategy please contact Cameron.